A hat, made especially to look like a certain monster that looks like an angel, but it hates the whole human race.

Type: Armor

Class: Upper Headgear

Buy: 20

Sell: 10

Weight: 70

Defense: 2

Required Level: None.

Refineable: No.

Applicable Job: Every Job

Slot: 0

Item ID#: 5132


Reduce damage taken from DemiHuman monster by 10%.


NPC Location: Charlie -alberta (73, 53) -Direction: Walk East past the building then walk South. Take the stairs on the East near the end of the path.

Requirements: Poring Hat -0.2% Drop Rate from Marin

100x Holy Water -100% Drop Rate from Fallen Bishop Hibram -60% Drop Rate from Merman -Created through Acolyte Skill, Aqua Benedicta

Poo Poo Hat -1.6% Drop Rate from Leib Olmai -1% Drop Rate from Bigfoot

Angel Wing Ears

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