Type: Midrate
Rates: 100x Base
100x Job
20x Drop
20x Card Drop
Max Level: 255 / 120


Loki is the original RebirthRO server, formally just known as Midrate, since the rates are 100x/100x/20x. The name Loki was given to it by Ancyker, and is one of the few changes he made that wasn't retarded. Loki is a largely donation based server, but has taken steps in recent history to balance that, and allow non-donors to stand a chance. Despite the most recent Game Masters and Admins being even more retarded than Ancyker, Loki is, and always has been, the most popular server on RebirthRO. Ancy the GM is always been Retarted, but most of the GM of this game is lazy.


@return Returns your character to your saved spawn point. Similar to Dying and respawning, but with out the dying.
@storage Opens your storage. The same as using the npc, but without being a certain level or paying zeny
@gstorage Opens your guild's storage. Similar to using the npc in guild castles. (Warning: Players may steal items from it)
@die Automatically Kills your player on the spot.
@go Allows your character to warp to most towns without the use of a warpra. Type @go to see the list of towns
@time Displays the current date and time on the server, known as server time. Server time is GMT -5
@date See @time. It does the same thing.
@serverdate See @time. It does the same thing.
@servertime See @time. It does the same thing.
@jailtime Displays how long until you are released from jail. Jail is where GM's send you if you do something against the rules
@storeall Opens storage and automatically stores all items you have equipped and in your inventory (Not cart). It then closes storage.
@uptime Displays how long the server has been up (from the last time it went down)
@autoloot Automatically picks up items dropped from monsters with the indicated percentage (%) or less.
@alootid Automatically picks up a certain item that you specify (along with the autoloot percentage (%))
@mobinfo Displays the information on a given monster (IRO Name, KRO Name, Monster ID#, Level, Hp, Sp, Base Exp, Job Exp, Stats, Attack, Range, Size, Race, Elements, Drops)
@monsterinfo See @mobinfo. Does the exact same thing.
@mi A shorter command for @mobinfo. Does the exact same thing
@rates Displays the current Base and Job rates on the server. Normal being (Base: 100.0x Job: 100.0x)
@iteminfo Displays the information on a given item (Name, Item ID#, Type, Extra Effect, NPC Buy Price, NPC Sell Price, Weight)
@ii A shorter command for @iteminfo. Does the exact same thing.
@whodrops Displays what monsters drop the given item. Displays only the top 5 monsters (Sorted from Highest to Lowest % of drop)
@me Displays chat of character performing an action. (Example: @me sits would be "** : CharacterName sits : **")
@showexp Displays how much experience and % you gain from killing a monster
@changegm Changes Guild Leadership to the character specified in the guild (Only a Guild Leader can use this. The new Guild Leader must be online and in the same guild).
@changeleader Changes Party Leadership to the character specified in the party (Only a party leader can use this. Character must be online)
@invite Invites a selected character to a duel (Character using this must be in the duel already, and other character must not be in any duel.)
@duel Sends an invitation to the selected character for a duel. (Both character must not be in a duel)
@leave Character leaves the duel
@accept Character accepts a duel invite (Must wait 1 minute between duels)
@reject Character rejects (says no) to a duel invite
@away Displays an away message when someone PM's you. You will see their message, but it's like an automated response PM


A shorter command for @away. Does the exact same thing.
@commands Displays the full list of commands available to the user (only names, not descriptions).
@noask Automatically Denies all trade requests
@hominfo Displays information about your homunculus (Health, Level, Loyalty etc)
@homstats Displays stats (str, vit, dex etc) of your homunculus.
@auction Opens the auction menu automatically, instead of using the npc to do it
@mail Opens up the mail menu. Characters can send mail to other character (can include a message, zeny, and one (1) item)
@noks Stops other players from attacking monsters you have hit for a small amount of time. To prevent Kill Stealing (Does not work on mini bosses or MVP)
@shopsearch Displays which vendor characters are currently vending the specified item and tells the price
@whosells See @shopsearch. Does the exact same thing.
@whosell See @shopsearch. Does the exact same thing.
@allychat Turns allychat on/off. (default is on. Views chat sent from allies of your guild. To use type "~chat message" <-- Without the quotes)

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